DANCING - Enthusiastic Movement WATERING - Clean & Clear TRACING – No Dirty Marks

NEXCLEANS comes from the thought of housewives. In order to convert pain into happiness, associating Enthusiastic Movement, Clean & Clear and No Dirty Marks for the thought based on a series of concept involving CLEANING & SWEEPING, The brand NEXCLEANS emerges to the market accordingly.

Most of housewives are always unhappy to clean home environment every day that usually makes them dirty not only on clothes but also body of themselves. Under the chance, turning to happiness rather than pain and unhappiness. In this way, by dancing to meet the happy mood and change the feeling of depression.

The biggest advantage of NEXCLEANS through home cleaning is to make people clean the home environment with enthusiastic mood of their own pace. Enjoy cleaning, bring happiness to yourself, and furthermore strengthen your body and adjust the mood through exercise.

Modern housewives work very hard during the day, and there are still a bunch of household chores in the home at night.

Daily Go is a good helper for family, to cheer up for hard-working mothers,

, full of vitality every day, and also inspire each of us.

For every day is a brand new start, GO-GO-GO for yourself x full of vitality! GO-GO-GO! Daily GO!

MEGA MOP is a 360 degree bucket mop developed and designed by Rock Tone’s R & D team. It was nominated by the National Invention Award in 2011, the sales channels throughout the world, volume of sale have reached one million units. Under the principles of ergonomic design, it greatly enhances our quality of life.


1. New patented dehydration device, the principle of centrifugal force, just press lightly, you can quickly dry the water! You can also control the dry & wet for microfiber strips.

2. 360 degrees spin mop head design, made of special microfibers, fast decontamination, NO scratch on any surface or delicate surface of floors.

3. Super water-absorption to ensure no more water stains when mopping. Easy to clean, hands are completely without dirt, and away from stains and sewage.

MEGA MOP help you do household easily, fast, comfortable, and healthier and reasonable.

Rock Tone Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, built up as a professional manufacturer for all kinds of high quality dusters;

Therefore, Rock Tone created the figure of “CHICKEN” as the company logo (Feather Duster: Taiwanese).

And the spirit of company is "Beautify the Life, Benefit You and Me", so the brand ROCKTEX was born.

● Origin of ROCKTEX: Rock Spirit + Entrepreneurial Spirit = ROCKTEX

The word ROCK, originated in the late 1940s, combines blues, country music, jazz, and gospel music.

Began to POP in the 1960s, and quickly swept the world. People sing not only for the pursuit of a better life, but also vent the dissatisfaction with the real world.

The power of ROCK & ROLL has gone far beyond a form of music. It affects the way of life, fashion taste, attitude and spirit of life.

● What spirit ROCKTEX on behalf of:

The pursuit of dreams and good life is the eternal topic of ROCKTEX, and also represents the meaning of hope and life value.

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